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Registrar and depository


Joint-Stock Company “Noviy registrator” is the registrar, maintaining the shareholders’ register of Public Joint Stock Company Magnit and Joint Stock Company Tander.

Address: 30 Buzheninova Street, Building 1, Moscow, 107996

Telephone: +7 (495) 980-11-00


Information on the registrar’s license

License Number: № 045-13951-000001

Date of issue: March 30, 2006

Validity period: Without limitation of the period of validity

Issuing authority: Federal Financial Markets Service of the Russian Federation

Krasnodar branch of Joint-Stock Company “Noviy registrator”

Adress: 48 Odesskaya Street, Letter B, Office 202A (Business Center “Kavkaz ”), Krasnodar, Krasnodar Krai, 350020

Telephone: +7 (861) 251-74-39, +7 (861) 253-64-60


Bank Details: settlement account: 40701810738000003296 in Sberbank, correspondent account: 30101810400000000225, Bank Identification Code (BIC): 044525225, Tax-Payers Identification Number (TIN)/Payer Identification Code (PIC): 7719263354/ 771801001, receiver: Krasnodar branch of Joint-Stock Company “Noviy Registrator”

Branch Director: Rimarenko, Anton Vladimirovich

More detailed information (including branch’s office hours, location map) you can find on the registrar’s web-site.

GDR Depositary

February 20, 2008 the Company signed a Depositary Agreement with JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. and started issuing GDRs with Magnit shares as the underlying asset. Currently, shares are convertible into GDRs at a ratio of 1:5. Depositary services for GDR transactions and custody services are provided by JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. and CB "J.P. Morgan Bank International" (LLC), respectively.

Depositary Bank

JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.

Address: 383 Madison Avenue, Floor 11, New York, New York 10179, USA