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Procedure of Information Delivery

Delivery of information

In cases and in order stipulated by article 91 of the Federal law Nо. 208-FZ “On joint-stock companies” as of 26.12.1995, paragraphs 2.8-2.9 of Regulations on information disclosure by the securities’ issuers (ratified by the Bank of Russia No. 454-П on 30.12.2014), article 21 of the PJSC “Magnit” Charter, Regulations on PJSC “Magnit” information policy, PJSC “Magnit” shareholders and interested entities are entitled to receive information on company’s operation in the form of copies of documents.

PJSC “Magnit” costs on copies processing:

Cost of a single copy of A-4 size amounts to 69 (sixty nine) kopecks, including VAT The amount of the mail expenses incurred by PJSC “Magnit” to send the document copies to the receipients is defined by the amount of fees approved by Federal Tariff Service or corresponding mail operator.

Bank details for payment for documents’ copies:

Public Joint-Stock Company “Magnit”
Taxpayer identification code 2309085638
KPP code 231101001
Account 40702810330000100078
in Krasnodar branch № 8619 of PJSC Sberbank
Correspondent account 30101810100000000602
Bank identification code 040349602

Terms and procedure of documents’ submission to the shareholders of PJSC “Magnit” for review, and provision of copies of the requested documents are provided in the Regulation on the information policy of PJSC “Magnit” ratified by the PJSC “Magnit” Board of directors.