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Board committees

The Board of Directors has four committees:

the Audit Committee; the HR and Remuneration Committee; the Strategy Committee; the Capital Markets Committee.

The Committees are formed from among the members of the Board of Directors, who are elected based on their relevant professional experience and knowledge. When electing members of the Committees (including the chairmen of the Committees), the following aspects must be taken into consideration: the education and professional training of the candidates, their work experience within the Committee’s area of activity, their document handling skills, as well as other necessary proficiencies and experience.

The Regulations on the Committees of the Board of Directors of PJSC Magnit regulates the composition and activities of the Committees.


The Committees constantly cooperate with management in order to increase the efficiency of interaction between the executive bodies of the Company and the Board of Directors.

Committee composition

Charles Ryan Independent Non-Executive Director Chairman Naira Adamyan Independent Non-Executive Director Pierre-Laurent Wetli Independent Non-Executive Director Alexander Vinokurov Non-Executive Director Timothy Demchenko Non-Executive Director Jan Dunning Executive Director Sergey Zakharov Non-Executive Director Walter Koch Independent Non-Executive Director Chairman Alexey Makhnev Non-Executive Director Vsevolod Rozanov Independent Non-Executive Director Chairman James Simmons Independent Non-Executive Director Chairman