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We maintain high legal, ethical and moral standards while exercising our business activity and cooperating with business partners.

Our values are enshrined in the Code of business ethics. It contains not only rules and key behavior standards of employees that we all should follow in our work but also recommendations adherence to which will allow us to meet the highest standards of business ethics in future.

Anti-bribery and corruption policy enshrines the principle of zero tolerance to corruption of any kind which means that members of the Company’s governing bodies, our employees, and other persons acting for or on behalf of the Company are strictly prohibited from engaging, directly or indirectly, personally or through an intermediary, in any corrupt activity.

We make all possible efforts to quickly and irrevocably suppress any violations. For this purpose a hotline has been organized in the Company which is a part of corporate ethics and compliance culture and is open for message reception 24/7.

Any employee, partner or customer who knows or suspects violations of business ethics rules, corruption activities, fraud, conflict of interests, embezzlement, abuse of office, can inform of this problem through our hotline relating to ethics matters by using one of the following channels:

Tel: 8 (800) 6000-477; Email: Feedback form on the website (please see below)

We ensure inspection of each received message, including anonymous, with a maximum level of confidentiality.

Recommendations for applicants:

We recommend specifying your contact details for conduction of the meaningful inspection. Anonymous messages do not always provide a complete picture of a violation due to the necessity of additional information and building an evidence base in accordance with the current legislation.

For the efficient consideration of your message, please provide as much detail as possible.